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TGM is Getting Better!

Posted at June 26, 2014 | By : | Categories : Blog | Comments Off on TGM is Getting Better!

Nobody in the recycling industry would deny that the last few years have been amongst the most difficult we have experienced in many decades. Like many industries we have had to adapt to increasing competition, lower margins and a relentless rise in costs and have had to question from top to bottom the way we carry out our business.

Having asked the fundamental question ‘what does TGM need to do to stay in business and ideally flourish’ we have come back to the sometimes maligned cliché ‘listen to the customer’ and it is possible that in the recent era of ‘survival’ and cut-backs we have undergone a period of ‘doing our best’ which was necessary and tolerable in the circumstances but we are now have plans in process to re-focus our attention and put our customers back at centre stage.

Level of rebates and reliable payments remain important and TGM’s reputation was made on being a market leader in this area. During the recession this reputation took some battering and we have had to address how this can be most effectively restored along with a new confidence that TGM are still leaders in their field and can be relied upon and trusted going forward.

On 25th June TGM completed a major financial restructuring of the group which will improve our balance sheet, provide us with working capital and most importantly release sufficient capital for building a second production line to enable significant growth of the business over the next three years.

Whilst we believe this is a courageous investment in our future, the decision has been based upon careful evaluation of market needs and the current level of quality capacity available as the economy pulls further out of recession and demands increase.

The new line is a major investment but will enable us to speed up production significantly and more cost effectively. We are anxious to increase the number of customers delivering materials into us and the new line will enable us to turn customers around faster, more efficiently and with greater satisfaction levels.

In addition to welcoming more ‘gate trade’ we will be anxiously seeking new customers to collect from, possibly those who feel malaise with their existing providers and are ready for a change to a more vibrant and positive recycling experience.

TGM have maintained one of the most modern and comprehensive fleets of recycling trucks throughout the difficult trading conditions and even pioneered the use of on-board weighing on our dustcarts clearly illustrating our commitment to honesty and fair-play in our customer relations. We are well equipped to offer a wide range of collection services efficiently and reliably.

TGM has suffered severe ‘corporate malnutrition’ during the last five years and for the instances where this has shown through to our customers we offer a heartfelt apology. We are genuinely grateful that you have stuck with us. We feel that we have now turned the corner and with our new business plan in place are confident of a brighter future that will benefit all of our existing and ‘yet to be’ customers.

Simon Razzell 26th June 2014

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