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Secure Shredding

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Confidential Waste

In current times, it is becoming increasingly important to dispose of data responsibly The TGM Group operate a dedicated shredding facility in Woolwich, South London for all classes of document & media destruction. The premises has state of the art security and CCTV and all employees are vetted and security checked. We are members of The United Kingdom Security Shredding Association (UKSSA) and The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) and adhere to the European Destruction Standard BS EN 15713.
As specialists, we provide secure collection and confidential offsite shredding, destruction and recycling services – taking care of everything from paper and documents to storage media, branded items, ID, uniforms and IT equipment.

Confidential Waste Facts

As of April 2010, the Information Commissioner’s Office now has the power to fine organisations up to £500,000 for breaches of the Data Protection Act.
Corporate Fraud is on the increase in the UK. Reports suggest that the fraud costs the UK in access of £25 billion.
Identity theft is on the increase, not just personal information but items such as uniforms, ID cards and security badges.
Keeping confidential information secure should be a top priority even when you may think it is no longer of any use to your business.
The best way to be safe and secure is to utilise the services of an approved and accredited company to have all items confidentially shredded / destroyed.