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Other Recyclables

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Other Recyclables

Other recyclables include glass, metal, wood and WEEE equipment. We are able to provide office bins for glass bottles and aluminium cans.
Recycling old or damaged pallets prevents unnecessary landfill and reduces the need to chop down trees for new wood to make new pallets.
We can destroy and recycle computers, hard drives, IT equipment & CD ROMs.


nearly 60% of the aluminium used in the UK has been previously recycled
recycling aluminium drink cans saves up to 95% of the energy needed to make aluminium from its raw materials
Glass that is thrown away and ends up in landfills will never decompose
It is estimated that each year up to 420,000 tonnes of waste wood is produced by households, or deposited at civic amenity sites in the UK. Packaging (pallets and crates) produce a further 670,000 tonnes, and construction and demolition 750,000 tonnes.
In one year the amount of electrical waste we create in the UK would fill the new Wembley six times