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Nigel Coombs

Nigel Coombs

Compliance Manager

Nigel Coombs was destined for the recycling industry from birth, as he was born into the Coombs family – who already ran a successful London based waste paper recycler.  Nigel is younger brother to our Managing Director Graeme Coombs, however unlike Graeme, Nigel spread his wings outside of the recycling industry before coming home to the family trade.

In 1969 aged just 6 years old, Nigel won a national contest organised by the children’s television programme Magpie (broadcast on ITV, similar format to Blue Peter on the BBC).  The competition was to come up with a name for the show’s mascot.  Nigel came up with ‘Murgatroyd the Magpie’, which the show’s producers liked so much that they invited Nigel to be on the show and they presented him with an award.

Upon leaving school at 18, Nigel pursued a career in the financial services sector, taking up a role as an insurance underwriting clerk with Lloyds of London.  Nigel progressed up the company over the next 4 years before moving to HPS insurance in 1986 as an insurance broker.  Once again Nigel found success in his role and was promoted to a management position in 1991.  Nigel overviewed the brokerage deals of his staff in the areas of property, commercial, motor, and household insurance.

After more than 15 years with HPS insurance, Nigel found himself drawn to a larger opportunity with a much bigger insurance firm, Marsh insurance.  As a key accounts manager for Marsh, Nigel managed the insurance interests for significant clients and was responsible for bringing in an important chunk of revenue for the business.

In 2008, Nigel heeded the call that destiny bestowed upon him before he was born and he left insurance for recycling, joining his brother at TGM Environmental Group. Nigel’s role at TGM is Compliance Manager, however this does not fairly attribute the deep involvement that Nigel has in many aspects of the business.  Nigel proactively immerses himself in a variety of functions at TGM, working with the Finance Director, the Head of Business Development, the Marketing Manager, and Operations on a variety of projects.  Nigel is often described by colleagues as the ‘go-to-guy’ for help with anything.

When asked of where he views his skillset best serving the recycling industry, Nigel had this to say:

“Although Insurance and Recycling might seem worlds apart they do share some fundamental principles. A lot of Insurance is risk management. For large clients you would identify their risks and implement improvements to manage that risk. At TGM we are always striving to help our customers by implementing recycling systems so as they can operate more efficiently and reduce the impact they have on the environment.  By doing this we not only help our customers to obtain their environmental accreditation and achieve their environmental goals but we also reduce their costs, thereby helping them to be more profitable at the same time. That is what TGM Environmental is all about”.

Nigel has been married for over 20 years to Hayley, and together they have two children.  Nigel has been an avid fan of Chelsea football club his whole life, and plays for a local league team called ‘Last Orders’ in Leatherhead Surrey.  Nigel enjoys cycling and gets out into the country on his mountain bike as often as he can.  He is also into ‘mod’ culture and would buy a Lambretta to go with his parka if he had the money!