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Market Conditions Update

Posted at April 24, 2012 | By : | Categories : News | Comments Off on Market Conditions Update

April proved to be a month of total turmoil for all grades of
recovered paper and board and this situation has continued throughout the month of May. This has mainly been caused by the actions of the main shipping lines that service China and India, reducing capacity and massively increasing freight rates to the popular destinations. The receiving mills have refused to absorb the extra freight cost so the producer (us) has
had no option but to do so. Added to this, UK and EU mills have seen available
volumes rocket due to the lack of Asian exports, and have had the perfect
excuse to reduce their buying prices to the lowest levels since early 2009.

We honestly believe that this situation may be short lived.
Once the shipping debacle has subsided, demand from Asia will return and
coupled with the summer’s historic fall in collection volumes, we may see
shortages of some grades, before the summer is out.

Please be assured that unlike some unscrupulous
collectors, we will continue to collect or receive your material and pay a fair
price for it.

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