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Janet Page

Janet Page

Finance Director

Janet Page has been in the recycling industry for nearly 20 years, and is TGMs Finance Director.  Born and raised in Eltham, south east London, Janet has spent almost her whole life there and resides there today.  A few years ago Janet did attempt a move out of London for 3 years to the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, however the draw of the big city was too strong, so Janet and family moved back to Eltham.

Janet left school at the age of 15, and began work at the Co-op offices as an office junior.  Janet left work at 19 to start a family, having a son at 19, and a daughter at 25.  After a 10 year break from work, Janet returned to the Co-op as office administrator in 1983.  Working her way up through the organisation, Jan became office supervisor in 1985, managing a team of 40.  Jan’s ambition didn’t stop there.  Keen to progress her career further, she enrolled in night school in order to train up to become an accountant.  Jan found this period of her life the most personally challenging & rewarding, as she had to dig deep and find strong motivation in order to successfully juggle her career, look after a family & raise 2 young kids, as well as attend the evening classes and study for accounting qualifications.

By 1987 Jan had achieved her goal and successfully completed the necessary accounting courses in order to move forward positively with her career.  Jan became the Accounts Manager for Morden College in Blackheath.  Morden College is a charity that helps elderly people who are struggling with financial hardship.

Janet entered the recycling industry in 1992, when she joined Salter Paper Group.  Salter was purchased by the TGM Environmental Group in 2005 and Jan has been the Finance Director for TGM since 2006.

Jan feels confident about the future of TGM:

“I’m a great believer in people, and at TGM the people here are keen to make a positive difference.  Doing your bit for the environment has a deeper meaning at TGM, as we know that by coming to work every day and giving it our best actually in some way contributes to something much bigger.  TGM are helping London increase its recycling rates – and that’s a good feeling to have”.

Jan spends most of her spare time with her 2 grandsons.  When she does get some time to herself, she likes to meet up with friends for a few games of bridge.