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In The Pipeline At TGM…..

Posted at January 27, 2015 | By : | Categories : Blog | Comments Off on In The Pipeline At TGM…..

On 1st January TGM undertook a milestone decision and shelved the trading name of The Waste Paper Company for our Surrey division. In future we will be known by the unified name TGM Environmental Ltd. The Waste Paper Company was a well-recognised and respected brand in Surrey and Home Counties for over 25 years but our aim is now to focus on promoting and growing the TGM brand for it to become recognised as the leading, first choice paper and plastic recycling business in London and the south-east. The Waste Paper Company logo will therefore be phased out as we move onwards & upwards!

Will you notice a difference?  Hopefully yes! At the end of last year we integrated the two depots IT systems with the new FRED 5 software from Increase Computers (link) and this will deliver us more sophisticated and flexible back-up which should have noticeable benefits to our customers as we roll them out through 2015. For example:

Collection Data: Some of our customers need collection details as soon as a collection has taken place and upon request we can now set you up to receive automatic e-mails providing dates, weights and numbers of bales, bins or cages saving you time chasing us for this information.

Rebate News: The global commodity markets are notoriously volatile and adjusting rebates to reflect rises and falls in the markets has always been a labour intensive task at TGM; Fred 5 makes this much easier and we propose introducing monthly e-mails to advise the rebate level for the month which will enable you to compare our prices more easily and will give a more accurate fairer value for your waste.

Transport Issues: Advising customers of delayed collections is something that can get over-looked. With the new systems we will be introducing in 2015 we will be daily Tweeting any transport issues that may affect collections but we won’t forget those less keen to use social media and Lynn Schofield our Customer Service Manager will contact customers directly should any delays in service be envisaged on the day.

With the new production line at Charlton Depot now showing significant benefits and the potential of our new software enabling us to better understand and communicate with our customers, 2015 will be a milestone year for TGM in our challenge to become recognised as London and the South-East’s Best Paper and Plastics Recycler. Watch this space….TGM is getting better.


Simon Razzell 27th January 2015.



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