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TGM Environmental has a wide range of bins and containers to suit all recycling environments. With our comprehensive range of containers and collection vehicles we will have the right solution waiting for you. If your requirement is something out of the ordinary please contact us and we will work with you to find something that will suit the purpose.

Cardboard Office Recycling Bin Plastic Office Recycling Bins 240 litre Wheelie Bin
1100 Litre Wheelie Bin Knapsack Plastic Recycling Frame Dolav Cages
Open Top Skip Compactor Skip with Bin Lift

TGM Environmental are able to supply a baler to suit your needs. If you are producing quantities of cardboard and/or plastics then a baler could well be the solution. By baling the material, customers can free up valuable space and in the majority of cases obtain better rebates for improved payloads.
Balers can be purchased outright or leased monthly and can be supplied in customer preferred colours and will be a significant asset to any business.

Mini Baler

Produces 50KG – 75KG bales.
Maximum bale size 790MM x 700MM
Machine Weight 300KG
Height 2300MM. Width 850MM
Depth 750MM

Midi baler

Produces up to 250KG bales.
Maximum bale size 1050MM x 700MM
Machine Weight 1000KG
Height 2450MM. Width 1450MM
Depth 1100MM

Mill-Size Baler

Produces up to 500KG bales.
Maximum bale size 1560MM x 1150MM
Machine Weight 2200KG
Height 3780MM. Width 1900MM
Depth 1500MM

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