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Continuing difficulties with export market due to Chinese Green Fence initiative

Posted at May 30, 2013 | By : | Categories : News | Comments Off on Continuing difficulties with export market due to Chinese Green Fence initiative

Back in March the Chinese Government took the initiative to crack down on the import of recovered material from overseas due to the poor quality of some of this material and this action is having a continued effect on the UK export market. Chinese customs officials were given strict instructions to be rigorous on their checking of all imported material to put a halt on China being used as a dumping ground and to stop the “smuggling of waste”.

While plastics exports to China are a particular focus of attention with plastics imports to China reduced in the wake of the Green Fence, the action is also being felt in the waste paper sector and is also targeting certain other waste streams such as electronic waste and tyres.

Despite the current difficulties, TGM Environmental fully support this initiative, being safe in the knowledge that the paper and plastic material produced from our sites in London and Surrey is of the highest quality and free of contaminants. The problems have come about by China importing a lot of the waste which has been produced by materials recycling facilities (MRFs) where historically, the quality of such material is often sub-standard as it tends to originate from a co-mingled source. As well as materials such as paper and plastic being mixed and therefore being contaminated, there has also been contamination by other materials such as food, metal and glass.

Despite this, China has confirm that there is still strong demand for material from the UK and that better quality material should not have a problem but of course the worry is the danger of all UK companies being tarred with the same brush even if they are exporting good material. In the meantime, prices are to be affected until the issues are resolved.


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