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  • TGM Environmental Sponsor Surrey Schools Arts Festival

    TGM Environmental were delighted to recently sponsor Epsom and Ewell’s first school Arts Festival.  The Festival was held at Bourne Hall, Ewell, Surrey and celebrated the artistic talents of children from over twenty schools across the area, with many pieces of art on display.  The event ran for two weeks at the end of September through to early October and was attended by many and deemed to be a success. ...

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  • A Return to Commercial Reality

    Winston Churchill said ‘Never  let a good crisis go to waste’ and whilst the recycling industry is currently filled with much wailing and gnashing of teeth we could possibly pause the hand wringing for a moment and pull something beneficial and useful from the present darkness. Britain desperately needs a strong and healthy recycling infrastructure as our ability to consume, and throw away continues to prevail throughout the ...

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  • UK Mill Closure

      We learned this week that Aylesford Newsprint who have been making paper in Kent since 1922 have called in the administrators. The mill produced around 400,000 tonnes of newsprint each year and the loss of this capacity will further reduce the demand for, and price of, waste paper in the UK. This is devastating news to an industry which has seen a steady reduction ...

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  • In The Pipeline At TGM…..

    On 1st January TGM undertook a milestone decision and shelved the trading name of The Waste Paper Company for our Surrey division. In future we will be known by the unified name TGM Environmental Ltd. The Waste Paper Company was a well-recognised and respected brand in Surrey and Home Counties for over 25 years but our aim is now to focus on promoting and growing the TGM brand for it to become recognised as the ...

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  • TGM is Getting Better!

    Nobody in the recycling industry would deny that the last few years have been amongst the most difficult we have experienced in many decades. Like many industries we have had to adapt to increasing competition, lower margins and a relentless rise in costs and have had to question from top to bottom the way we carry out our business. Having asked the fundamental question ‘what does TGM need to do to stay in business and ideally ...

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