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  • Continuing difficulties with export market due to Chinese Green Fence initiative

    Back in March the Chinese Government took the initiative to crack down on the import of recovered material from overseas due to the poor quality of some of this material and this action is having a continued effect on the UK export market. Chinese customs officials were given strict instructions to be rigorous on their checking of all imported material to put a halt on China being used as a dumping ground and to stop ...

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  • Recovered Paper Prices

    As previously reported in May, the markets for all grades of recovered paper and board were in turmoil following substantial rises in shipping freight costs. Two months on, the situation has worsened significantly, with many paper mills across the UK, Europe and Asia reducing their buying prices in line with poor order books and rising raw material and finished product inventories. The leading independent recycling websire. has published an in-depth article on the recovered paper markets ...

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  • TGM Environmental on hand to assist stunt man!

    Last week, stunt man Gary Connery completed his most audacious feat yet when he became the first person in history to jump out of a helicopter without a parachute from half a mile up in the air and land on a huge pile of cardboard boxes and TGM Environmental were proud to be part of the day when the clearing up had to be carried out afterwards! Wearing a winged “bird suit” to slow his descent from 2,400 ...

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  • Baler Installation – Russell Finex Ltd

    TGM have recently supplied and installed a brand new Midi Baler to sieves and filters specialists Russell Finex Ltd, based in Feltham. They were producing more and more material and we recommended that the Midi Baler would be the ideal solution by way of freeing up space and improving efficiency and payloads. "TGM advised us about the Midi Baler which does an excellent job baling our waste cardboard and plastic and is more cost effective than ...

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  • Market Conditions Update

    April proved to be a month of total turmoil for all grades of recovered paper and board and this situation has continued throughout the month of May. This has mainly been caused by the actions of the main shipping lines that service China and India, reducing capacity and massively increasing freight rates to the popular destinations. The receiving mills have refused to absorb the extra freight cost so the producer (us) has had no option but to ...

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