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  • Exports will be affected

    TGM’s ability to meet its export commitments was hampered when one of the world’s top 10 shipping lines – Hanjin shipping of South Korea decided to file for court receivership as it succumbed to the prolonged depression in the global shipping market. - With Hanjin's future now determined, carriers have announced they will hike container freight rates by as much as 50 percent beginning next month as retailers scramble to secure shipping ahead of the peak ...

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  • Palm Paper recycling fire

    One of TGM’s main outlets for recovered newspapers and magazines was badly damaged by fire on 7th October. This has affected their ability to accept deliveries of waste paper. - One person was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, suffering from smoke inhalation - At least 10 fire engines were sent to the Saddlebow Estate factory. - More than 100 firefighters have been involved in tackling a blaze at a large paper plant. - Staff were evacuated from the ...

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  • Quality First

    This week, The Recycling Association (TRA) has increased it's efforts in highlighting the importance of the quality of material being exported, with the launch of the Quality First Campaign. For further details please see link:      

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  • The TGM Recycling Group acquires Polymer Industries and Plastics Plus Recycling Group

    On the 4th February, TGM Environmental completed its acquisition of Plastics Plus Recycling Group (PPRG) including its operating company Polymer Industries, a Devon based polymer recycling and manufacturing company in a deal that TGM Chairman Graeme Coombs commented “supports and cements our diversification into clean plastics recycling and manufacturing”. Polymer Industries will maintain Headquarters in Wrangaton, South Devon where it will expand its processing and manufacturing capacity with investment from TGM. They will continue to provide ...

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  • TGM Group Announce New Plastics Division

    TGM Environmental are in the process of forming a new plastics division which will be known as Europlastix Recycling Limited (RCL). Further details to follow.  

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