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  • Recovering Our Mojo

    There can be few businesses or organisations that have not been directly or indirectly affected by the global recession beginning in 2008. The long-awaited signs of economic recovery have been eagerly awaited and slow in coming. I believe former Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel expressed a sound view point when he exclaimed ‘you should never let a serious crisis go to waste’ and as we doggedly drag ourselves from the depths of the economic myrrh, I ...

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  • Coping with the toughest market conditions in history

      Coping with the toughest market conditions in history - by Graeme Coombs, TGM Managing Director   2012 has been a year of great change in the paper recycling industry. From good turnover, good margins and increasing volumes to conditions that are actually worse than October 2008 when the market was deemed to have completely crashed!   The reasons are many and varied. The Global financial meltdown is the underlying reason, and it has affected different Countries and Continents in ...

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